Deceptively Difficult Jobs Everyone Thinks They Can Do

by | August 8, 2014 has an article by Adam Tod Brown entitled “4 Deceptively Difficult Jobs Everyone Thinks They Can Do,” which features an Unpopular Opinion podcast where

host Adam Tod Brown welcomes comics Cat Rhinehart and Dave Waite to share tales of their very worst day at work ever.

But before you listen to the podcast, check out “#4. Photographer,” the job Kevin Smith took to Twitter to comment on

So there! Being a photographer seems like an easy job. I shoot food – it’s not easy:)



Abbass Collection:

Although being a photographer is perceived as “one of those jobs for money [that] doesn’t look much like work,” Adam  Brown explains why a photographer’s job isn’t as easy as it looks:

A lot of people in this world call themselves “photographers,” and about 90 percent of them have a lot of goddamn nerve for doing so. Contrary to what countless Instagram users believe, taking pictures people (should) pay money for does not involve owning an iPhone and having a keen eye for filters. Sure, you might snap some cool pictures with that kind of setup, but that’s because sometimes there’s cool shit happening that you happen to be on hand to see. Whatever it was, it looked exactly as interesting to the naked eye as it does in your phone.

Brown continues by using the example of wedding photography, a job amateurs take on “because they don’t realize they shouldn’t.”

Now you can listen to the podcast.


This post is dedicated to Kevin, Joe, John and Blaise

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