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Intolerant Atheists

by | August 5, 2014

I’ve heard the claim, “atheists are just as intolerant as the theists they decry”, from theists and atheists alike. Does anyone truly believe this despite the fact that the slightest applied skepticism and reflection is all that’s required to see through it? Of course it’s easy to respond to this accusation of ‘intolerance’ with the… Read more »

Books by Atheists Who Were Once Deeply Religious

by | August 5, 2014

Both believers and non-believers have criticized atheists for dismissing religion because its claims cannot be proven scientifically (that is, using the scientific method). In doing so, the criticizers explain, the atheists miss an important aspect of belief, which is that religion plays an important role in society. The atheist, Frans de Waal infamously proclaims this in his… Read more »