PM Harper’s Canada Day Message Asks God to Keep Our True North Strong and Free

by | July 1, 2014

HarperHappy Canada day from PM Harper and God. Yes, our prime minister likes to add the god stuff, which 65% of us think is just swell but quite a few of us (1 in 4) think it’s weird and foreign. I guess this PM doesn’t really care what non believers think because he did start of up the Office of Religious Freedom and it took a lot of insistence for atheists to be recognized.

How about instead of asking God to keep our true north strong and free, the PM used diplomacy to stop Russians from testing our northern boundaries; you know, do the things world leaders do. Because, it isn’t going to be God that will ensure our arctic sovereignty.

via: Twitter / pmharper: God bless you all, and God ….

5 thoughts on “PM Harper’s Canada Day Message Asks God to Keep Our True North Strong and Free

  1. Bob Russell

    Tweet back something like….Allah bless Canada….or Flying Spaghetti Monster bless Canada….or Zeus bless you Mr Harper…

  2. Tim Underwood

    Stephen keeps reminding us that we have work to do.

  3. Kevin Graham

    PM Harper seems to have little and littler respect for the personal spiritual beliefs of others. He assumes all Canadians worship his God, yet millions of Canadians celebrate their Canada-Day without religion as part of their celebrations, and other Canadians celebrate Canada Day from other various religious beliefs. Canada is not exclusive to his chosen God of worship, Canada belongs to all the people, worshippers or not!
    We promote the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms within the U.N. :_ try applying it sometime as a state and respect peoples choices in life, including religious.

    Happy Atheist Canada Day to all!

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  5. Mark Angus MacDonald

    I think Mr.Hitchens may have put it something like this;can you think of one stupid thing Harper has done in the name of God, and would he have said the same thing if he was a free thinker without the influence!?.


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