A Christian repents… a little…

by | July 1, 2014

There was a bit of rain as pride ended and then a rainbow. If I was a superstitious sort, I might think that meant more than the water cycle and basic refraction are intact.

People… are much stranger and harder to predict.

Michael Coren is no less strange.

I haven’t been asked to lead any marches at Pride this year and, frankly, I doubt that’s ever likely to happen!

I’m still regarded by many in the gay community as an enemy and I understand that reaction. I have said and written things in the past that, while never intentionally hateful, caused offence and pain.

And what happened then…? Well…in Toronto they say
That the Coren’s small heart grew three sizes, so GAY!
And then the true meaning of Pride came through,
And the Coren found the strength of ten Corens… plus two

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