World Humanist Day Google Doodle?

by | June 4, 2014

World Humanist

Saturday, June 21, 2014 is World Humanist Day. The British Humanist Association (BHA) has created a Facebook page

intended to persuade Google to include World Humanist Day as a GoogleDoodle, representing a huge section of humanity.


A World Humanist Day Google Doodle, would raise awareness of Humanism and show solidarity with non believers across the world. The values of Humanism are held by many but the label Humanism is still not as well known as it should be, meaning that the values Humanism represents are often ignored, and the people who hold them sidelined and sometimes persecuted.

What can you do to persuade Google to include World Humanist Day as a Google Doodle?

tweet: #HumanistGoogleDoodle Should world Humanist Day be recognised by the Google Doodle? RT and Follow @HumanistDoodle

Send an email to your friends and to Google at and check out the Google Doodle on June 21st.

4 thoughts on “World Humanist Day Google Doodle?

  1. Joe

    So… boobgrab humanism. Might want to give the dark orange one a fedora.

    1. Veronica Abbass Post author

      Thank you for reading Canadian Atheist.

  2. Randy

    Given the neutral gender of the characters, I see no reason for misandric attacks on them, Joe.

    But their pointy arms do remind me of the T-1000 terminators — menacing, rather than friendly, and the yellow one appears to be in distress. It looks like a hostage situation.

  3. Corwin

    The doodle seems to have captured the sexless pointy-limbed humanoids at the precise moment when their heads became detached from their bodies, no doubt an integral part of their mysterious chest-clutching ritual.


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