Jesus and Mo Wednesday

by | June 4, 2014



The Jesus and Mo artist included an announcement under the May 21, 2014 comic:

Jesus & Mo now has a Patreon account, which allows regular readers to support its continued production by pledging a small amount each month. It’s entirely voluntary, and can be cancelled at any time. There is also a system of incremental rewards, depending on how much you pledge.

Jerry Coyne donated, at least one WEIT reader donated and I donated.  The author thanked me in his comment on WEIT and in an email:

J&M Hi Veronica

Thank you so much for your pledge. Thank you, too, for reposting the comic on Canadian Atheist over the past years. It’s good to spread the word!

It is a pleasure to support the continued production of Jesus and Mo;  I enjoy sharing the comic with Canadian Atheist readers.

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