Unbelievers Film Playing in Kamloops and Coming to iTunes

by | May 16, 2014

Update: Unbelievers is available for pre-order in the Canadian iTunes store now.

The Unbelievers, a documentary that follows Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss as The_Unbelievers_Posterthe two renowned scientists travel the globe and talk about science, politics and religion, debuted last April at Toronto’s Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. I attended the event and the Q&A with Krauss and Dawkins that followed and the film was very well received.

If you want to catch the film, it is showing at this Saturday, 6:30pm at the Imagine No Religion 4 Conference in Kamloops, BC or if you are lucky enough to have an American iTunes account, you can download it there June 3; when I have more information about a Canadian release, I’ll provide an update.

Meanwhile, you can view the trailer here.

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