James Randi in Toronto!

by | April 30, 2014

An exciting announcement from

CFI can

Upcoming Special Event, Friday, May 2nd:

Dinner with James “the Amazing” Randi

CFI Canada is pleased to present James Randi, who will be in Toronto this week to promote the Hot Docs Canadian premiere of An Honest Liar, a documentary of Randi’s life.


Click on the pic to view the trailer.

CFIC is hosting an exclusive, once in a lifetime, special event where CFI members will meet James “The Amazing” Randi, an 85-year-old magician and escape artist who’s been enchanted with illusions from a young age. Dedicating his life to learning the tricks of the trade, Randi became a sensation who toured the world, always honest about being a “liar, cheat and charlatan.”

Please join CFIC at the beautiful and trendy Screen Lounge at 20 College Street (Second Floor) this Friday, May 2, 2014. Time is short, and space is limited, so purchase your tickets now.

Filmmakers of An Honest Liar will also be joining us for the conversation.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Centre for Inquiry Canada


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