Ontario Catholic Schools Ad Nauseam

by | March 8, 2014

The publicly funded Waterloo Catholic District School Board is using taxpayers’ money to advertise in the the Waterloo region online newspaper The Record.com:

the Catholic schools of the Waterloo Region have been the heart of this community providing both an academic and spiritual education, integrating body, mind, and spirit.

Catholic Schools in your Waterloo Region,” dressed up to look like a legitimate article, is “Sponsored Content“/advertising paid for by the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, which gets its money from the Ontario government.

Of course the WCDSB accentuates its version of the positive and ignores the negative.  The WCDSB, like every other publicly funded Catholic school in Ontario discriminates against non-catholic and non-practicing Catholic teachers. Accepts non-Catholic students when its enrollment needs to be increased and turns them away when its enrollment is high.

The WCDSB applauds the British North America Act (1867) that guaranteed that “Roman Catholics in Ontario now had the right to own their own schools.”  Roman Catholics own their own schools, but they don’t pay for them.  Ontario bishops run these schools by overseeing “spiritual education,” complaining about the human rights legislation enacted by the government that pays for their schools and instructing school boards, principals and teachers to ignore Bill 13: the Accepting Schools Act, especially the portion that requires

Boards and schools to allow students to form groups at their school to raise awareness and understanding of all students on topics [which includes] sexual orientation and gender identity.These groups may include Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs).


How many times do Ontario taxpayers need to be told that while the Catholic Church runs the Catholic schools in Ontario, every taxpayer pays for these schools? In addition, the WCDSB claims “it welcomes students from 114 countries all in search of a fulfilling Catholic education.”
It is time for the Ontario Government to stop paying for this so called ” fulfilling Catholic education,” which is an education that emphasizes superstition and discrimination.

In addition, the WCDSB makes it clear that

Thirty-one years before this great country was officially known as Canada, the first Waterloo area Catholic schools were founded by local settlers looking to educate their children in the Catholic faith.

If Catholics could afford to pay “to educate their children in the Catholic faith” in 1836, they can afford to pay to educate their children in the Catholic faith now.

One thought on “Ontario Catholic Schools Ad Nauseam

  1. Diana MacPherson

    A reminder, taken from this helpful site, as I find the question about which school board you support is deceptive and people often think that your taxes go to whichever board you claim to support. This is false:

    All Ontarians bear the same tax burden, based on their income, not their faith, but only those of the Catholic faith are guaranteed a publicly funded school choice. School support designations on municipal property assessments have no effect on total school board funding, which is determined solely by enrolment and other documented needs.

    Do you believe in a single public school system, but your children are currently enrolled in a Catholic separate school? Change your school support designation back to public school to indicate your support for one school system. Your Catholic school board will continue to receive the same funding based on its actual enrolment.


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