Ken Ham’s Fake Noah’s Ark

by | March 1, 2014

The main reason I was wary about the Bill Nye debate vs. Ken Ham was not that Nye would lose and look foolish, but that the proceeds for the event would land right into Ken Ham’s coffers to further his program of teaching lies to children (aside: this video of Ham indoctrinating an auditorium of children makes me feel queasy). Sadly, it seems the big debate directly helped Ham finance his Noah’s Ark project. As announced Thursday (February 27) because of the event, his bond offerings, in jeopardy earlier, came through:

….the high-profile debate prompted some people who had registered for the bonds to make sure they followed through with submitting the necessary and sometimes complicated paperwork.

The project’s first phase will cost approximately $73 million and will be a rather complex add on to the Creation Museum. Ham’s announcement continues:

The Ark Encounter will be built on 800 acres off I-75 and in phases over many years. The Ark and other supporting elements will open during phase one.

This Salon article followed up with Bill Nye and quotes him as saying:

If he builds that ark, it’s my strong opinion, it’s bad for the commonwealth of Kentucky and bad for scientists based in Kentucky and bad for the U.S., and I’m not joking, bad for the world.

Hopefully, it goes out of business as people tire of Ham’s creationist foolishness but in the meantime, here is a nice article by Shadee Ashtari about the 5 Things Kentucky Could Spend $73 Million On Instead Of A Fake Noah’s Ark that would be a more useful way to spread “God’s message” and “serve the people of Kentucky”. All of these are great recommendations:

  1. Feed hungry children
  2. Donate to cancer research, prevention or patient support
  3. Invest in broke schools
  4. Save abused animals
  5. Combat the crippling heroin problem

Read the details of all these recommendations at the Huffington Post site.

5 thoughts on “Ken Ham’s Fake Noah’s Ark

  1. billybob

    It’s not fake, Ken will be looking down and laughing at all the sinners when the next flood comes, happy he is safe while billions of unbelievers perish

    1. Indi

      Actually, no he won’t. The Ark is a nautical engineering farce. There’s a reason he’s not building it floating on the Ohio River – even he’s not that stupid.

      If the Ark were actually technically possible, can you seriously believe no-one would have built it already? The longest wooden ships ever made (without any metal components) were less than 80 m (even with metal bracing, bolts, or plating, the longest were ~100 m), and they all leaked like sieves and required pumps to keep sucking the water out of the holds. The Ark was allegedly 140 m, built without any metal or the benefits of modern tooling. Every “Ark” that has ever been built or proposed is either on dry land (like Ham’s, and like the one in Hong Kong) or floating on metal barges (like both of Johan’s Arks).

      If a flood actually happened in that area, all you’d get is animatronic animals drowning two-by-two.

    2. Acartia

      Sorry Billybob. I hate to break the news, but I am sure that if god is only going to save a handful of people, none of them will be named Billybob.

    3. Dave

      Uh, billybob, the bible says God would not send another flood. Tell me, does your bible have words or just pretty pictures?

  2. billybob

    Yes, but they did not have God as an engineering consultant!


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