“Spaghetti Monster” Poster Offensive to Religion

by | February 10, 2014

According to the website Politics.co.uk, a “‘Spaghetti Monster’ poster [was] banned for being offensive to religion.”

Secular students at a London university have had a poster featuring a ‘flying spaghetti monster’ banned by union officials, out of fear it would cause offence to religious students.

Oh, the poor religious students: someone should tell them religion offends people everyday. It is particularly offensive when religious people get more respect and deference than non-religious people.

As Larry Moran points out in his post on the Chesterton Debate, the moderator gave  preferential treatment to the Catholic debater, Philip Cleevey

Cleevely is an ordained priest and the moderator kept referring to him as “Father” whereas Justin was addressed as “Justin.” There was a big difference between the respect that the moderator showed for Father Cleevely and for atheist Justin Trottier.

I imagine that it’s impossible to avoid “Father” in a debate sponsored by Roman Catholics. His opponent should have been addressed as “Mr. Trottier.”

Father is an honorific, a title or word implying or expressing respect, but why does a priest in the Roman Catholic Church deserve more respect than the founder of the Centre for Inquiry Canada an organization that

works to combat the harm of superstition, pseudoscience and religion by advancing the values of reason, science and secularism through education, activism and community.


  • BTW: Mr. Trottier won the debate!
h/t: WEIT

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