Post Nye vs. Ham Post Debate Analysis

by | February 5, 2014

If you missed the Nye vs. Ham debate and want to see it, you can view it here. If you’d like an analysis of the debate, Jerry Coyne has a nice write up on Why Evolution is True (WEIT) called Who won the big evolution/creation debate?

The consensus is Nye won & I wholeheartedly agree. Weigh in with your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Post Nye vs. Ham Post Debate Analysis

  1. billybob

    Could not stomach watching Ham so I will have to accept the concencus.

  2. C Holmes

    Of course Nye won- this was a debate about whether or not an unscientific idea should be considered scientific. Might as well have debated “What number am I holding up behind my back?”

    Ham failed on many levels- but most importantly never answered a single question about “Is creation a viable model of origin?”. He just attacked evolution, defended the bible, and showed an abject misunderstanding of scientific process- to the point he even invented the terms “Observational” and “Historical” science. I find that hilarious since his entire belief system is based on the non-historical, non-observable, and anecdotal claims of the bible.

    He defended Noah’s Ark! So ridiculous that even infamous curmudgeon Pat Robertson told him to shut up!

    Let’s put an end to that: The earth floods in 40 years, and slowly subsides over a year- while Noah floated blissfully amongst the carcasses and debris. If Everest is 29,000 feet in would have to flood at a rate of 725 a day, or 30 feet an hour- a sheer fire hose in every foot. It flooded 6 miles deep, which increases the amount of water on earth some *roughly* 2.5 times. And then- evaporated?- at a rate of 30 feet an hour- which pales any natural disaster. It would have required 10s of thousands of degrees to burn off water at that rate- which would have left Noah’s Ark and all plant life worse off than a global thermonuclear war. I… just can’t take him, or them seriously.


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