Gay Catholic Student Speaks Out

by | February 28, 2014

In 2012, the Government of Ontario passed Bill 13, the Accepting Schools Act, which prohibits Catholic schools from denying students the right to start GSAs (Gay Straight Alliance student groups).

The Think Again! TV video below features an exclusive interview with Christopher Karas, who submitted a guest post to Canadian Atheist on February 12:

The passage Justin Trottier reads at 13:00 is from Jack Fonseca, Project Manager at Campaign Life Coalition, who was quoted in a LifeSiteNews article:

“Now we’ve seen the result of appeasing a belligerent, anti-Catholic liberal government: a human rights complaint and a student intent on publicly undermining Catholic sexual teaching,” he said. “It’s not too late for Ontario’s Bishops or Catholic school trustees to invoke section 93. They should do it quickly.”

Think Again! TV has a longer, more detailed version of the interview.

2 thoughts on “Gay Catholic Student Speaks Out

  1. Bubba Kincaid

    Shit. I had somehow deluded myself into thinking things had improved in our high schools. Maybe they had and now we are back on a regression downswing. Maybe some pseudo-atheists should drum up another war so they can cozy up to catholics and sundry other christians and berate them on being more fundamentalist than the people we are killing, just so we don’t have to endure the utter ugliness of this regression.

    The poor kid has a right to go about his day with peace of mind and not have to endure the mental opportunity costs that other students don’t have to endure, or have to listen to people telling him it is his lot in life to be society’s personal and perpetual Joan of Arc.

  2. itj786uij768k8o9dyghdjmn

    He’s Catholic, why shouldn’t he be barred from being gay? He’s an abomination according to the Bible (along with eating shellfish and wearing cotton polyblend, though those are conveniently ignored).

    The real issue here is that he doesn’t need to be Catholic (let alone theist). Unitarians are way more rad anyways, and being gay and Catholic is a bit like trying to be Jewish and a Neo-Nazi at the same time. You’re wanting to be a member of a group that essentially hates your guts. And yes, I do know what I’m talking about, I was a good ol’ Catholic boy for a while before I smartened the fuck up.


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