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CFI Canada has introduced a new feature on its website: CFI Discourse

CFIDiscourse provides a forum for discussion of topics and issues related to CFI Canada’s mandate to promote science, reason, and secular values.

The first contribution to the discourse is from Jon Morrison, Associate Director of Apologetics Canada. It’s great that Canada has an apologetics organization because religion has a lot to apologize for.

Let’s start with Morrison’s title: “A Christian in Favour of Atheist Billboards.”   It’s so exciting to see a Christian approve of atheist billboards. Don’t you feel all warm and fizzy inside? Do you really care that a “Christian man” is “in favour of the campaign.” Probably not, but Morrison has a point:

What is most real about this world? Does prayer do anything? Most people are too busy to stop and think about it. I think a billboard would shake us all up a bit and get us talking.

So let’s get talking! Read Morrison’s contribution and leave a comment:

This discussion forum is open to everyone!

One thought on “CFIDiscourse

  1. Lucas

    I find it interesting that in response to a pretty bridge-building article by Morrison, you have such snarky things to say:

    “It’s great that Canada has an apologetics organization because religion has a lot to apologize for.”

    “Don’t you feel all warm and fizzy inside? […] Probably not.”

    Is it any wonder that religious people get defensive when confronted in such a way? Communism has a lot to apologize for, but we don’t attack modern-day unionists and the socialist NDP for the acts of extreme dictators in the 1930s. For the same reason, it’s unfair to launch words like “religion has a lot to apologize for” on a moderate article like this from Mr. Morrison.

    Mr. Morrison is not responsible for the ills of religion any more than a Canadian unionist is responsible for a union bus-burning in Brazil; despite their similarities in world-view and thought, their actions are not the same.

    Secondly, your words show a lack of forethought, as that’s not even what “apologetics” means. If you want an intelligent discussion, it’s best to start with an intelligent invitation. An “invitation” like this is sure to lead to trolling and name-calling from the get-go.


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