Catholic Fundamentalists against The Charter

by | February 7, 2014

Yet another Catholic journal speaks out against the Quebec Charter.  The journal, Michael, Vers Demain in French, describes itself

this journal deals with money issues, and that it also contains religious articles. The aim of this journal is very simple: to promote the development of a better world, by applying Christian principles into society, especially into the economic field. This journal will denounce everything that goes against Christian principles or can threaten order in society.

An article in Vers Demain by Alain Pilote entitled “Non à la charte de la laïcité de Pauline Marois; ! Nul besoin d’interdire les signes religieux  pour les employés de l’État; Non à une laïcité fermée qui efface toute religion” is in French, but you don’t have to be able to read French to know that Catholics are sticking their noses where they don’t belong.

No to Pauline Marois’ secularism charter!
Against the ban on religious symbols for state employees
No to closed secularism which erases all religion

The audacity of  the people loyal to the Roman Catholic Church, an organization that has been severely criticized by the United Nations, is breathtaking  and disgusting. Alain Pilote and the publishers of Michael are delusional if they think any sane and rational person would take advice from Catholics on how “to promote the development of a better world.”

If Saint Michael the Archangel, “the leader of the angels who fought Satan and the rebellious angels,” existed he would fight and vanquish you for being hypocritical and for interfering in the decisions of a democratically elected government. Obviously, Saint Michael, “the Archangel of social justice” doesn’t exist because if he did, the leaders of the Catholic Church would suffer the same fate as the mythical Satan.

Bon Dieu, Michael et Alain Pilote, fermez la bouche ; ta gueule!

Vive la charte de la laïcité!

3 thoughts on “Catholic Fundamentalists against The Charter

  1. Harold Fletcher

    Long live secularism. The ONLY wY to protect anyone’s religion is to keep the government out of it; therefore the government must be secular. I want my freedom of consciousn to be free of religious of dictatorial religion. Vive la charte de la laicite!!

  2. Jaque Parisien

    This is exactly why the Quebec Charter must be adopted. It has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia, except maybe for a few dimwits that you will find anywhere, but has everything to do with the strict separation of State and Church. The only way to prevent an hostile takeover is to lock down the vaults of freedom of conscience.

  3. Jim Royal

    Veronica, you did not reply to my comment on your last post on this subject, so I want to ask you another question:

    The charter has no effect on your life; it requires you to make no changes in your life. But would you be receptive to the charter if it required you to change your behaviour?

    Suppose instead of living in Canada, you live in Turkey. You are an atheist and secularist living in Istanbul working, say, as a school teacher. You are proud of Turkey’s history as a secular state, and are concerned about the creeping Islamism in that country.

    One day, the Turkish government decides that female public employees must wear a hijab while at work. Some bureaucrat has decided that it is against Turkish values for women to go bareheaded.

    Would you wear the hijab without complaint? After all, the government is not telling people what to wear and what to do; the government is telling government employees what to wear when they are at work for the government that pays them a salary.


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