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“Homophobia on the Syllabus”

by | February 15, 2014

G. Elijah Dann shared a link on the Canadian Atheist Facebook page to his Huffington Post article, “Trinity Western University Put[s] Homophobia on the Syllabus.” Dann starts by discussing Bill Maher’s comment on Real Time with Bill Maher: “There are 80 countries with anti-gay laws punishable by death in about 10 Muslim countries. India, not a… Read more »

“The Devil Himself Believes in God”!

by | February 15, 2014

According to John Counsell, “the Devil himself believes in God.” Thus starts another Ottawa Citizen “Ask the Religion Experts” column, “What does it mean to ‘believe’? Must belief be absolute?” Counsell also says, “Absolute belief is meaningless on its own,” but Counsell’s words are meaningless as usual. Ignore him. You are marginally better off to take… Read more »

CFI Sudbury

by | February 15, 2014

Sudbury’s Centre for Inquiry (CFI) branch was officially launched on January 13th. The Sudbury members are still celebrating the launch and enjoying getting together. On February 11, they discussed “@cficanada, @OneSchoolSystem, herd immunity, homeopathy & free inquiry.” Yesterday CFI Sudbury shared a CTV News video of CFI Sudbury’s atheist bus ad: It’s time for a… Read more »