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Celebrate Darwin’s Birthday

by | February 5, 2014

On February 12, 2009, Google celebrated Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday with a Doodle: This year CFI Toronto is celebrating Darwin’s 205th birthday by hosting a Lunch with Dr. Eugenie Scott: Wednesday, February 12, CFI Toronto invites you to join us for lunch with Dr. Eugenie Scott, physical anthropologist and Executive Directory of the National Center… Read more »

Memo to the CBC

by | February 5, 2014

To: Hubert T. Lacroix, CEO, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation From: Veronica Abbass Date: February 5, 2014 Re: “Vatican ‘regrets’ damning UN report on abuse” The picture of a pious thoughtful pope holding an over sized, ostentatious crucifix at the top of the CBC article “Vatican ‘regrets’ damning UN report on abuse” is an insult to the… Read more »