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Can Atheists Be Spiritual? Spoiler: No!

by | February 1, 2014

Personally, the word  “spiritual” makes me cringe. Although I understand its completely secular etymology from the Latin noun, spiritus, “breath”, when I hear it, various images enter my mind uninvited:  unicorns, Deepak Chopra  and those annoying Jesus messages religious relatives post on Facebook on Sundays. However, with Sam Harris’s new book, Waking Up due out later… Read more »

Introducing Michael Said

by | February 1, 2014

Michael Said is a Canadian website run by Michael Leamy, the author of The Atheist Bible. Leamy’s latest article is “The Billion Dollar Tithe,” an article that praises progressive Quebec and criticizes Ontario: Ontario never had a quiet revolution, so the anachronistic school boards from hundreds of years in our past still exist. Quebec ended… Read more »

“Religion Is an Addiction”

by | February 1, 2014

While he softens the blow by saying, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many advocating for human rights whose compulsion to faith is not divisive, but there does exist a select number where religion is an addiction. Kevin Smith, a member of the board of directors for the Centre for Inquiry, is right: religion… Read more »