“The Medium Is the Message”?

by | January 31, 2014

A colleague tweeted this poster, and I’m having a difficult time interpreting its message;


According to Wikipedia,

“The medium is the message” is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.

So what’s the message?

The poster was produced by the College of Humanities, University of Utah and is featured on its home page. Does this influence how we read the message?


What message do we derive from seeing scientist who is, stereotypically, clothed in a white coat, running away from the Tyrannosaurus Rex?

I bet my friend Larry Moran will have something to say about this poster.

Please help: what is the poster’s message?

2 thoughts on ““The Medium Is the Message”?

  1. Ultra

    No… the Humanities would tell us that cloning is a further attempt, by masculinist mammalian colonizers to control and oppress the Theropod victims of a patriarchal asteroid. Asteroids penetrate the earth in what can only be described as a non-consensual way. And this enabled mammalian theft of Theropod ancestral lands. While this poster represents the Tyrannosaur as the aggressor in a very speciesist way, we need to check our privilege and see them for the oppressed people that they are. We should not presume to judge the evolutionarily challeged, but rather make sure their roar is not silenced by elitist Homo sapiens.

    1. Bubba Kincaid

      Let me guess. You’re mad at the amount of alimony you’re required to pay, especially given that your former wife has remarried 3 times already.


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