Uri Geller And The Mighty Spoon-Orilla

Uri Geller, the Israeli self-described “mystifier” who spent decades impressing the credulous with his supposed psychic and telekinetic powers, really likes his spoons. The “short biography” on his website recounts that a spoon “curled up in his hand and broke, although he had applied no physical pressure to it” when … Continue reading

Unbelievers Film Playing in Kamloops and Coming to iTunes

Update: Unbelievers is available for pre-order in the Canadian iTunes store now. The Unbelievers, a documentary that follows Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss as the two renowned scientists travel the globe and talk about science, politics and religion, debuted last April at Toronto’s Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. I … Continue reading

Go Green

June 12 is Election Day in Ontario and people need to examine their priorities before they decide where to put their X.  If one of your priorities is one secular, publicly funded school system for each official language, then vote for the Green candidate in your riding. Ontario Green Party … Continue reading

When tradition equals death

I think being sensitive to other peoples culture is a good way to be, generally…. but this just makes me mad…. Now, the family has taken additional steps to protect their rights and Makayla’s rights to use culturally appropriate alternative medicines. Fuck your right to watch your child die, in … Continue reading

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