“What’s The News?”

The Canadian Secular Alliance has been granted leave to intervene in the Supreme Court of Canada case, MLQ v. City of Saguenay, Quebec, regarding the constitutionality of public prayer. This could be a landmark ruling with impact on the use of prayer and other religious traditions as part of government proceedings all across Canada.*

LOGICKED, who is a member of the Canadian Secular Alliance, creates  “Atheist/anti-creationist ‘debunking entertainment’ videos with a top hat.” On July 22, 2014,  logicked created a video entitled ”What’s The News?,” introducing the CSA and its initiatives.  As well, logicked has a suggestion for viewers who have offered to donate to him/his YouTube channel:

If you feel like donating to me, then just check out the CSA, and if you feel like you’d like to donate to them . . . then give ‘em what you might have given me.







Full disclosure: I am on the board of the CSA and the SCC decision in  MLQ v. City of Saguenay, Quebec will affect my case: Veronica Abbass v. City of Peterborough, ON

American Atheists Launches World’s First Atheist Television Channel

On July 29, American Atheists will launch the world’s first atheism-dedicated television channel, Atheist TV, streamed either through the Roku service or online from http://www.atheists.tv. The channel will offer decades of material from American Atheists’ television appearances as well as new content from the atheist community in an effort to reach … Continue reading

Save The Whales (For The Enjoyment Of The Good People Of Vancouver)

Evictions are all the rage in Vancouver these days. The city tried to evict some homeless people from a park, leading “some members of a local First Nation” to try to evict the city from, well, the city. Meanwhile, concerned citizens have been trying to evict the resident cetaceans – … Continue reading

Bored of CFI Canada

Oh Dear CFI, I’m sorry, damn spellcheck, I meant ‘Board of CFI Canada’. Yes, folks there are some new faces… and at least one seems vaguely familiar. Although, I can’t quite remember where I have seen her before. I think she writes for a blog or something. Congrats to the … Continue reading

Sean McGuire @Humanism at Work

Sean McGuire, a.k.a. Godless Poutine, who blogs at My Secret Atheist Blog is attending Humanism at Work, Foundation Beyond Belief’s first annual national conference. He is very busy listening to presentations and taking and posting pictures, but he promises, “More Substance Coming Soon! For Now, Moar Pictures!“: “Friendly Atheist Hemant … Continue reading

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