Black Hat And Scraggly Hair: How Did You Get Her So Wrong?

LispThere really is, it turns out, a Christian networking site called Faithbook. It appears to be a project of the Fellowship of World Christians (FOWC), whose Statement of Faith assures us of their confidence that their “spiritual unity as believers in Christ is accomplished by His finished work on the cross”. I’m frankly not sure how to parse that, but I’ll consider using “finishing up some work” as a cheery euphemism for “getting crucified” from now on. Why the FOWC not?

“Goodbye Christ” by Langston Hughes

Today would have been Langston Hughes’s 113th birthday and Google has created a Google Doodle to celebrate. Hughes’s poem this doodle illustrates is I Dream a World, but I thought I’d put the first stanza of his other poem, written in 1932, called Goodbye Christ. You can read the entire … Continue reading

Greece’s New Godless Prime Minister

I’m encouraged by the victory of Syriza, a “far-left” party with very real communist roots, in the recent elections in Greece. Syriza took nearly half the seats in the unicameral Hellenic Parliament, and secured a majority by entering into a coalition with the “far-right” Independent Greeks. The idea of a … Continue reading

The Campaign to Abolish Blasphemy Laws, Worldwide

Everything you need to know about “The Campaign to Abolish Blasphemy Laws, Worldwide” is available on one website: End Blasphemy Laws. The “About” section explains, The End Blasphemy Laws Campaign is run by the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws and brings together individual people (like you!) and organizations that share … Continue reading

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