Local Radio Station, Dave FM Needs to Understand “Offensive”

I couldn’t help but comment on a photo that Dave FM posted (Click on the link to go to the Facebook page where you’ll see the pictures I reference in this post). Dave FM is a local radio station in Ontario, Canada.

The photo in question is this picture on which Dave FM commented, “this is so offensive”. My first reaction is, yep sometimes the truth is offensive to some; when you teach your children that they are born into sin and if they don’t obey a god, they will forever burn in hell, that is offensive and I’m glad the photo points this out.

Picture labelled, "offensive" by Dave FM

Picture labelled, “offensive” by Dave FM

However, I also think the reaction to this photo is ironic. It seems Dave FM finds a photo like this offensive, but they find it’s okay to objectify women – note the following photos: a woman with her hand down her bikini bottom (don’t miss the poster’s remarks), another photo of a woman eating a rather large hot dog and finally the one that gets the big laughs – the one of the dark haired, overweight woman. Yeah, it’s not offensive at all that Dave FM sees women as bimbos and anyone who isn’t a buxom blonde as unworthy.

Dave FM needs to really learn about their fan base and recognize what is and is not truly offensive.

A photo Dave FM doesn't find offensive

A photo Dave FM doesn’t find offensive



More non offensive photos from Dave FM

More non offensive photos from Dave FM

The kind of woman Dave FM finds is worthy of mockery

The kind of woman Dave FM finds is worthy of mockery

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