The Ignorance of Newspaper Commenters

There are two meanings for the word ignorant:

1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated

and the informal

2. Discourteous or rude

Many of the people commenting on the Ottawa Citizen article,Anti-separate School Ad Campaign Rejected” are ignorant in both senses of the word.

The commenters who are ignorant of the facts concerning the four publicly funded school systems in Ontario should read the the following information:

The Green Party of Ontario’s post, “One Ontario. One School System: Everything You Wanted To Know About One-School-Board

All the information on the website

All the information on the website

At least one article posted on Canadian Atheist and filed under the category Catholic Schools.

Globe and Mail articles by Education Reporter, Kate Hammer, especially “Catholic schools force students to study religion. . . .” and “Catholic teacher rapped. . . .

Globe and Mail articles on Ontario’s Catholic schools by Konrad Yakabuski, especially “Chapter and verse. . . .”  and “Ontario’s Catholic schools. . . .

There is an hackneyed expression constantly reiterated, “everyone is entitled to their (sic) opinion.” No! the retort to that is everyone is entitled to an informed opinion, so get informed before you post uninformed opinions in the comments sections of newspapers or blogs.

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