In Toronto, the Spur Festival takes place April 9-12.  The overall conference theme holds some promise of interest: Alone Together.  Essentially the conference will explore isolation in modern, tech-heavy communities.  It truly looks like an interesting conference. I was particularly interested to note the marketing of a session entitled The Role of … Continue reading

Could I please have some chemicals in my food?

I recently bought a bag of cat litter, and noticed that it was labelled “chemical-free”. So I guess it’s really made of magic fairy granules? (I would have said “magic fairy dust”, but it was labelled “dust-free” also.) Then there was the time I ran across some “chemical-free” sunscreen – … Continue reading

“Two Niqabs”

This editorial cartoon by Tim Dolighan was featured in the “Comment” section of the Peterborough Examiner (print edition) on Thursday, March 19, 2015: What do you think: is the niqab a symbol of oppression or a symbol of freedom?

McGill University Supports Secular Values and Nixes Request for Separate Gym Hours

You may be aware that recently Soumia Allalou, a 23-year-old McGill University Law student, approached her student union concerning the university’s gym. Ms. Allalou was shocked to learn that there were no plans to institute women only hours at the gym and wanted this to change. According to the CBC, … Continue reading

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