Celebrate Darwin’s Birthday

On February 12, 2009, Google celebrated Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday with a Doodle:


This year CFI Toronto is celebrating Darwin’s 205th birthday by hosting a Lunch with Dr. Eugenie Scott:


Wednesday, February 12, CFI Toronto invites you to join us for lunch with Dr. Eugenie Scott, physical anthropologist and Executive Directory of the National Center for Science Education. The event will take place at L’espresso Bar Mercurio, down the street from the ROM, at 1:00pm.

The lunch precedes Dr. Scott’s talk at the ROM at 7:00pm, in which she’ll discuss what Charles Darwin would have thought of today’s creationist movements if he were still alive to see them. Dr. Scott’s talk will be followed by a performance of “The Rap Guide to Evolution” by artist and scholar, Baba Brinkman.

Come for just the lunch, or stay for the evening!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to meet one of the world’s leading critics of young earth creationism and intelligent design.

Get your tickets now!

Memo to the CBC

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