“Quebec’s Liberals Sabotage Assisted Dying Legislation”

Udo Schuklenk begins his February 21 article in the Kingston Whig-Standard by saying,

What a week this has been.

Schuklenk is referring to the subject of his article: Quebec’s Liberals have sabotaged assisted dying legislation (Bill 52):

With cross-party support in Quebec’s National Assembly, the legislature was scheduled to pass Canada’s first legislation aimed at permitting assisted dying. The bill as it stood would have permitted assisted dying in very carefully circumscribed circumstances. . . . Oh, and, given that a large majority of Canadians support such legislation, they also added the proviso that you would have to be insured in Quebec, presumably to prevent us folks living in provinces run by church-controlled parliamentarians from driving over to Quebec when we have decided that our time has come.


It didn’t happen, courtesy of Quebec’s Liberal party.

Schuklenk concludes,

It is pretty clear that the Liberals in Quebec sacrificed Bill 52 for purely election strategic reasons. Given the popularity of the bill in Quebec, let me predict that the PQ will hammer them in their election campaign also on this issue. It’s going to be a vote winner for them.

According to Schuklenk

the PQ currently enjoys an all-time high in opinion poll after opinion poll. They are well on course to form a majority government if an election were held today. The Liberals? Well, not so much.

That’s good news.

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