Help Ensure Access to Safe Abortion in New Brunswick


Reproductive Justice New Brunswick (RJNB) is a collective of individuals from across New Brunswick dedicated to ensuring publicly funded and self-referred abortion is available in the province.

Due to lack of government funding, the Morgentaler clinic is forced to close on July 18th, 2014  Please sign the petition to the Government of New Brunswick and support and share RJNB’s crowd funding, so the collective can ensure access to safe abortions in New Brunswick:

Every donation, however large or small, is one step closer to ensuring reproductive choice in New Brunswick. Unless this oppressive regulation is overturned, New Brunswickers will not have equal access to abortion services. If Reproductive Justice NB is unable to raise the full $100,000, all money raised will go towards renewed efforts to overturn the Medical Services Payment Act.

Please sign and contribute:

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Numbers matter. Be counted.

This pic shows the typical Canadian atheist: Add your name to the list of 12,031 Canadians who have contributed to this data. Be counted in the Atheist Census a project of Atheist Alliance International. h/t: CFI Calgary Atheist Census Atheist Census  

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