Announcing CFI Canada’s New NED

CFI can

Fellow freethinkers:
Concluding an intensive selection process, the Board of Directors of CFI Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Adriaans as its National Executive Director (NED). Adriaans joins CFI Canada from a progressive 22-year charitable sector career with many recognized and respected Canadian charitable agencies. Most recently, Adriaans was Director Regional Operations (West Ontario) at the Canadian Red Cross Society.
Gary Fitzgibbon, Chair of the CFIC Board’s Search Committee said of the appointment, “I’ve no doubt that Eric Adriaans is the dynamic professional with not-for-profit management experience that CFI Canada requires in its next National Executive Director”
Eric Adriaans commented: “I am honoured to be joining CFI Canada’s team of talented, passionate staff and volunteers in the fight against the harms of superstition, pseudoscience and religion. When I see the many lies and the exploitation of vulnerable people still happening in Canada and around the world but also note the increasing ranks of rational, ethical people demanding reason, science and secularism to fight those harms … I am energized by the progress that is possible now more than ever.”
Kevin Smith, Chair of CFI Canada’s Board of Directors said, “Eric brings the right mix of strategic, innovative thinking, administrative skills and knowledge of the charitable sector to spearhead growth of the organization and influence the national conscience. The Board of Directors welcomes and looks forward to working with Eric.”
Eric Adriaans formally starts NED duties in March 2014.
Kind regards,
Kevin Smith
Chair CFI Canada
Gary Fitzgibbon, Vice-Chair/Treasurer
Zak Fiddes, Secretary
William Cranor
Iain Martel
Pat O’Brien

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