Canadian Mint and Religious Neutrality

The Royal Canadian Mint has delivered a crushing blow to religious neutrality in Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mint is issuing pure gold and silver coins to commemorate the upcoming canonization of Pope John Paul II:

“These coins honour the extraordinary life and legacy of Pope John Paul II, and his accomplishments of universal significance: his message of courage, his defence of freedom and the profound statements of hope he expressed to the world,” said Wladyslaw Lizon, Member of Parliament for Mississauga East-Cooksville. “Pope John Paul II’s work transcended so many boundaries and he promoted the values of peace, tolerance and freedom.”

The coins also reinforce the myth of transubstantiation:

The reverse image on both coins reproduces a photograph of Pope John Paul II offering Mass during his first visit to Canada in 1984. Through the expert application of varied finishes and skilled engraving, Royal Canadian Mint engravers faithfully captured the power of the moment as the pope raises the Consecrated Host at the elevation.

According to Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint,

“These gold and silver coins are beautiful additions for any collector or stunning gifts for history buffs, followers of Pope John Paul II and Canadian history enthusiasts.”

The coins are available on April 1, 2014, a day history buffs and history enthusiasts will remember as the day the The Royal Canadian Mint made the foolish decision to grant iconic status to man whose record as leader (1978-2008) of the Catholic Church is full of scandal, poor management and interference in the decisions of the Canadian government:

Barbara Blaine, head of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) group, points out, “In more than 25 years as the most powerful religious figure on the planet, John Paul II did almost nothing to safeguard kids.”


Pope John Paul personally intervened to advise Jean Chretien against introducing legislation to allow same-sex marriage. His edicts against condom use undermined worldwide public health efforts to control the spread of AIDS.

Don’t be a fool; don’t support the Royal Canadian Mint by buying one of these commemorative coins.

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