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logo_SunHeaderThe Sun News Network is in the news today. “Sun News Network Goes Off the Air” says the Globe and Mail; the Toronto Sun says, “Sun News Off the Air,” while the Toronto Star provides more information: “Sun News Network Shuts Down after Buyer Fails to Materialize.” The National Post headline is more sensitive and focuses on the casualties of the Network’s departure from the airwaves: “Sun News Network Shuts Down, Putting 200 Out of Work after Four-Year Run For ‘Fox News North.'”

Was it for dramatic effect that the Sun News Network went dark today, Friday, 13 February? Whatever the reason for the timing, it’s a dark day for the 200 people out of work.

February 12: International Darwin Day

Charles Darwin was born on on 12 February 1809.  Let’s celebrate Darwin Day by taking the International Darwin Day website’s suggestions for a fitting way to celebrate the 206th anniversary of Darwin’s birth: Let’s Celebrate Intellectual Bravery Let’s Celebrate Perpetual Curiosity Let’s Celebrate Hunger for Truth. Ah yes, let’s celebrate all … Continue reading

Cross Country Check Up Is Talking about Vaccination Right Now!

Right now if you’re interested in listening, Cross Country Checkup on CBC Radio One is talking about Vaccination. Some of the callers make me cringe, saying that vaccines are something that is compromising people’s immune systems, giving them asthma, eczema, etc. Click the Radio One link at the bottom left … Continue reading

If I cannot give consent to my own death, whose body is this? Who owns my life?

“If I cannot give consent to my own death, whose body is this? Who owns my life?” said Sue Rodriguez in 1991 when she asked legislators to change the law to allow for assisted suicide. It is Rodriguez’s weak voice I hear when I listen to the groups who oppose the Supreme Court’s … Continue reading

Rex Murphy’s Cogent Commentary on the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Rex Murphy has annoyed and disappointed me in the past with his anti-atheist remarks, but recently, he made some very cogent comments about the anti-vaccine movement. I appreciate his calling out of the survival of those, who refuse to vaccinate, as contingent upon the rest of us who do and … Continue reading

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