Jesus Christ! ARPA and the Canadian Government

Updated @10:47 EDT


It seems that the Canadian government is not only planning to erect a monument to the victims of communism because

Ideologically, communism might be dead — tossed on the trash heap of history, to recast Karl Marx’s famous phrase — but its victims won’t be forgotten, at least in the national capital.

according to, the Office of the Prime Minister and an MP share contact information with the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada, an association whose goal is

Equipping Christians with the tools they need to be a light in Canadian politics.

ARPA’s phone number is the same as the phone number for Ottawa Office of the MP for Chatham-Kent-Essex, Dave Van Kesteren: 613-992-2612.  ARPA’s fax number is the same as the fax number for the Office of the Prime Minister: 613-941-6900.

More investigation is needed; for now, this information is provided for you by Canadian Atheist, whose goal is equipping the non-religious with the tools they need to be aware of and combat religion in Canadian politics.

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