The Paleo Art of Julius Csotonyi

Veronica posted a great article about Tiktaalik yesterday that mentioned the new Canadian Mint coin. I ordered mine as soon as it was available and I’m looking forward  to adding it to my existing collection. The coins glow in the dark in skeleton form and the paleo-artist, Julius Csotonyi does great work. From his site where you can check out more of his work:

Julius has worked with several major museums and book publishers from around the globe (including the National Geographic Society and the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology). His work encompasses dinosaurs and other prehistoric life, sharks and other living animals.

I’m waiting for his book to come out so I can enjoy his images on a larger scale!

Below is my coin hoard, waiting for Tiktaalik to join. I got to thank Julius for his great work when Jerry Coyne featured my coins on his site in July and Julius showed up to comment.

Diana's Prehistoric Animal Coins (not glowing)

Diana’s Prehistoric Animal Coins (not glowing)


Diana’s Prehistoric Animal Coins (glowing)



Memo to the CBC

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Can Science Support Creationism? A Great Presentation by Penny Higgins of the University of Rochester

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