Above the law

Human justice is not an exact science, we have to try and balance the rights of the alleged victims with those of the accused. And it’s not always easy, but letting a select group of people get away with crimes, be they priests or bankers, or government, is not acceptable.

There are no easy answers, but the first step, always the most courageous one, is bringing criminal behaviour into the light of day.

The Catholic Church has failed miserably in this regard, but they are not the only ones. Religions, corporations and governments can all be corrupt, because people can be. And so we must remain vigilant.

I’m not much for ‘trigger warnings’, and I tend to think they trivialize serious issues, but here is my ‘if you’re not a psychopath’ warning: you might be upset by this.

Here is a transcript.

Not easy to watch/listen/read, but very powerful. I’m sure some of you have seen it already, but it is new to me, and sharing it seemed the right thing to do.

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