Mocking Holiday Consumerism

The practitioners of conspicuous consumption received a wake-up call from the producers of Cards Against Humanity: A Party Game for Horrible People.  People who run around in a frenzy from the end of November until after Boxing Day taking advantage of every advertised sale and bargain aren’t necessarily horrible people, but many are, temporarily, missing a few cards in the deck. To be fair, frenzy is contagious and exposure to tinsel and carols remind shoppers of a time when “visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.”

On November 28, Cards Against Humanity had only one item for sale: Bullshit

BullGuess what’s in the box? Hint: It’s poop.


On Friday, the darkly comedic card game Cards Against Humanity posted an update to its social media and e-mail list followers, which fans assumed might tie into the company’s usual holiday-related online promotions. Instead of unveiling a limited-edition holiday-themed set of cards, however, the game maker shut down its online store—with one very, very odd exception.

“To help you experience the ultimate savings on Cards Against Humanity this Black Friday, we’ve removed the game from our store, making it impossible to purchase,” the card maker’s update read. After that, the company linked to its online store, where, for one day only, it’s selling one thing: bullshit. Literally.

This offer should have come with a warning, Caveat emptor, because the company sent exactly what the consumer ordered: cow dung.


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