Twitter Swarming

I got sick this week, some nasty little flu virus, I’m sure. But I’m getting better. Pray for me.

Unfortunately the secular community is less healthy, or maybe, just no more/less healthy, than any other group.

The most recent trauma is an argument over PTSD… no seriously… irony much?

Melody Hensley of CFI DC says she got it from twitter, and that seems to have led to a twitter fight with some military personnel who don’t think that is possible.

I should note, I’m not a psychologist, nor do I really know enough about PTSD to comment intelligently.

That doesn’t seem to have stopped the usual suspects from taking sides.

So, in my semi-sickened state, and riddled with psychological ignorance, I did some google. Not the best road to wisdom I admit… but I found this. It is not the exact situation, but it does give a broader context to the discussion.

Given the amount of news coverage and social media shares the Newtown shootings have received, and will continue to receive, it’s not outlandish to think such coverage will have negative affects on media consumers and on journalists.

How common is social-media-induced PTSD? The answer to that question is complicated. “[S]tudies following 9/11 suggest that media-induced PTSD can be as common as one-third the PTSD rate of those who were directly affected,” Essig told me in a follow-up email.

Weird. People get PTSD from social media? And… this is actually an important aspect of PTSD… apparently, it is NOT really about the specific kinds of event(s) that happen to the person, but how event(s) ‘affect’ the person. So, it is somewhat subjective. One soldier, for instance, could do multiple tours of duty in a war zone and never get it, while another might be exposed to one battle and then suffer from it.

Important part:

Essig thinks it isn’t helpful for others to scoff at the notion of social-media-induced PTSD: “[T]rauma is defined from the perspective of the person experiencing it, and it is not the place of the external observer to ridicule [that person] just because in their point of view that event was not particularly traumatic.”

So… being quick to judge… and flaming people on twitter and youtube… is probably not constructive.

@MelodyHensley “So I hear Thunderfuck is responsible for this cybermob attacking me. He should join up with AVfM and make it official.”

Sigh. Then again…

D: Persistent symptoms of increased arousal not present before. These are all physiological response issues, such as difficulty falling or staying asleep, or problems with anger, concentration, or hypervigilance. Additional symptoms include irritability, angry outbursts, increased startle response, and concentration or sleep problems.

…maybe the internet is exactly where this sort of thing belongs after all.


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