Magneto lives in France

And that proves, despite a hundred years of using radios, that we should be afraid…Mutants are scarey, after all. This spring, a 32-year-old man received medical benefits from the local health authority in Essonne, south of Paris, for his electro-hypersensitivity – a first in France. Or maybe I should be … Continue reading

Our Very Own Mass Extinction

There have been five truly enormous mass extinctions in Earth’s geological history, events in which (as the BBC puts it) “abnormally large numbers of species die out simultaneously or within a limited time frame”. The one that wiped out the (non-avian) dinosaurs and many other creatures at the end of … Continue reading

Above the law

Human justice is not an exact science, we have to try and balance the rights of the alleged victims with those of the accused. And it’s not always easy, but letting a select group of people get away with crimes, be they priests or bankers, or government, is not acceptable. … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

Google Doodle says, Happy Mother’s Day! Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists, sends Mother’s Day wishes to some mothers and not to others: Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there who tries to do best for her children. You all deserve praise and appreciation. A special exception is made … Continue reading

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