Reinventing Drugstores


There was a time when the Rx symbol meant a prescription for medicine with no adjectives. The symbol was so recognizable that when a store displayed the symbol  people knew there was a qualified pharmacist available to fill prescriptions authorized by a physician, dentist, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, psychologist, or other health care providers and Rexall, a Canadian pharmacy drug store chain, incorporated the symbol in its name.

Now Rexall is

committed to providing health and wellness information to people of all ages. Our resources provide information and tips to support your health and help you better understand your prescription drugs, medical conditions, natural health products, and complimentary therapies.

Rexall is no longer selling just prescription medicine,  In an effort to “reinvent itself” and compete with Shoppers, Loblaw, Sobeys and Wal-Mart Canada, Rexall added

homeopathic and naturopathic goods for the 70 per cent of consumers who are looking for alternative ways to heal themselves.

The words health and wellness are an indication that legitimate pharmacies and pharmacists are complicit in selling woo in order to counteract “profit-draining drug reforms and mounting competition.” Rexall has joined other retailers to sell useless and expensive “vitamins that are colour-free and gluten-free” and to provide information on the history, basic essentials, and potential health risks and benefits of complementary therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. In other words, Rexall  is providing information on “alternative ways” for people “to heal themselves” because “the chain needed a [profit] boost.”

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