Dropping the science

Not a lot of words… Science rendezvous Science Rendezvous is an annual festival that takes science out of the lab lab and onto the street! We work with Canada’s top research institutes to present a coast-to-coast open house and festival that is free for everyone. With over 300 events across … Continue reading

An Impotent God?: Canada’s Constitutional Preamble

Think Again! TV presents the Centre for Inquiry Canada Production: “An Impotent God?: Canada’s Constitutional Preamble”: The video features constitutional lawyer, author, professor, and former Liberal Party of Canada leadership candidate Deborah Coyne, and Justin Trottier, Producer and Host of Think Again! TV as they discuss the question How did God … Continue reading

Shakespeare 450

The fanfare and celebrations that marked William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday on April 23 contradict the famous lines in Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar: The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; Oxford Dictionaries blog marked Shakespeare’s 450th birthday with a quiz: … Continue reading

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