Study on diversity in the atheist movement shows we have a ways to go, but are making progress

The defining feature of the atheist movement over the last two or three years may be its focus on issues of diversity, privilege, and social equality within the movement itself. The discussion hasn’t always been pretty; indeed, even mentioning the issues will often draw eye rolls or outright ire. Thus … Continue reading

Former Staff Sue Florida Spa that Treated First Nations Girls with Cancer

Remember the Aboriginal girls suffering from leukaemia whose parents ceased their chemotherapy treatment to instead pursue alternative treatments at the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in Florida (see posts here and here)? Two former HHI employees claim they were fired because they documented that they were being asked to do illegal things … Continue reading

Mike Del Grande: Keeping the Faith appears to be applauding Toronto Catholic District School Board’s new chair, Mike Del Grande’s refusal to “take marching orders from the state” when it comes to crucial moral issues like the awaited explicit sex ed program from the Wynne government. In fact, Del Grande should invoke his constitutional right … Continue reading

Darwin proves men are idiots

You know, I always thought it was just a vast left-wing-media-conspiracy that strove to portray men as bumbling idiots. But, I takes my internets seriously, so I am forced to concede this one (damn those smug legbeards) we men are idiots. Because science. Full stop. Me culpa. researchers in the … Continue reading

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