Dear Cardinal Collins

Dear Cardinal Collins

Your letter to Justin Trudeau shows you are working very hard to affect the course of Canadian politics. While you are entitled to your opinions, even if, at times, your opinions are wrong,  please remember you are just one man with just one vote. Your fallacious appeal to authority, Pope Francis, shows you don’t realize that the Catholic Church does not get to vote in Canada, and leaders of foreign countries should not interfere in Canadian politics.

Your appeal to Justin Trudeau

I am deeply concerned about your decision that citizens who, in conscience, seek to assure the protection of the most vulnerable among us are not acceptable as candidates in your party.

uses emotive language but does not clearly identify the focus of your concern. However, if you are concerned about the unborn, then you should reexamine your priorities. The most vulnerable among us are children who deserve all the protection your Church can give them. The most vulnerable among us are the terminally ill. Many of them wish to decide the time and place of their own death, a privilege your Church works to deny them.

You use Thomas More as an example of an exemplary Catholic politician who “came into conflict with the political authority of his day on a matter of conscience” and you suggest that

Political leaders in our day should not exclude such people of integrity, no matter how challenging they find their views.

However, you fail to mention that

More opposed the Protestant Reformation, in particular the theology of Martin Luther and William Tyndale, whose books he burned and whose followers he persecuted.

Canada does not need politicians who burn books and persecute those who disagree with them. You note that King Henry VIII “claimed control over [More's] conscience”; then, you attempt to claim control over Trudeau’s conscience.

I urge you to reconsider your position and consider this reworking of a famous sentence:

There’s no place for the [Church]  in the [politics] of the nation.

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