If Only It Were True

The headline for Hans Rollmann’s July 25th article for his column “To Each Their Own” in the The Independent promises “Harper Government to Revoke Charitable Status of Catholic Church.” If only it were true, this would be a fitting punishment for an organization that is politically active across Canada in attempting to influence politicians at all levels of government to either promote or change existing legislation, for example, same sex marriage, stem cell research and physician assisted dying. It would be a fitting smack down for Cardinal Collins, the Archbishop of Toronto, who unfortunately has too much influence over the Ontario government, an influence that means the Ontario government favours the Roman Catholic Church by funding its discriminatory Catholic schools. As Spencer Lucas points out in a July 26th post:

Ontario is anachronistic with its fully funded Catholic school system. We spend about 22 billion dollars a year on public school in this province and a major chunk goes to the Catholic Church – I mean, Catholic school system. A third of Canadians live in Ontario and the 6.66 million non-believers here are largely unwittingly funding an institution that we not only do not agree with, but probably have actively left.

Unfortunately, the Harper Government is not revoking the charitable status of the Catholic Church. The editor’s note at the bottom of the article explains,

This is satire, but we hope you figured that out already.

However, Hans Rollmann’s article is fun reading even if it is satire.

h/t: Malcolm

This is satire, but we hope you figured that out already. – See more at: http://theindependent.ca/2014/07/25/harper-government-to-revoke-charitable-status-of-catholic-church/#sthash.ixd0gM20.dpuf

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