Yesterday, John Wilkins tweeted a link to Stuart Atkinson’s blog post “Tribulation Conquered.” Atkinson’s blog, The Road To Endeavour is dedicated to following the ongoing mission of the Mars Exploration Rover ‘Opportunity’ as she explores the rim of the giant martian crater ‘Endeavour’! On January 11, Atkinson was jubilant: She … Continue reading

“Muslims Who Don’t Like Free Speech Can ‘Fuck Off': Rotterdam Mayor”

I wish I had said “Muslims Who Don’t Like Free Speech Can ‘Fuck Off,’” but Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said it first. The NL Times reports, Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb appeared on television programme Nieuwsuur Wednesday night, and lashed out at Muslims living in this society despite their hatred of … Continue reading

Atheist Freethinkers’ Press Release

In its press release, Atheist Freethinkers (AFT) “Condemns Horrific Attack on Charlie Hebdo [and] Calls for Repeal of Blasphemy Laws”: Montreal, 8th January 2015 — Atheist Freethinkers (LPA-AFT), an association which promotes secularism and supports the rights of atheists, condemns the horrific attack yesterday on the French satirical magazine Charlie … Continue reading

The Canadian English-language news media has betrayed Charlie Hebdo, again

The attack on Charlie Hebdo has been (almost) universally condemned. Given the savagery and insanity of the attack that’s not surprising, but I waited with bated breath to see what would happen next. In particular, I wanted to see the reaction of journalism media – particularly the Canadian English journalism … Continue reading

Speaking blasphemy

Being offended is your right, but not caring if you are, is mine. We need to stand up against those who would use bullying or violence to silence those who say offensive things. The consequences of unpopular opinion, are and should remain limited to, rational criticism. The heads of two … Continue reading

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