You Dunning Goof’d

And they totally backtraced you. Now you gonna jail. Poor Brian Dunning. I barely knew you… really hadn’t heard of you, until you became the internet posterboy of bad-skepticism. I can hear the fanboys and girls wailing. No, not our Brian. For those not following the drama, Brian Dunning is … Continue reading

Honest Liar in TO

James Randi was in Toronto recently, sorry if you missed that, but if you are in Toronto area, you can still see his new movie in a theatre: An Honest Liar. James “The Amazing” Randi is an 85-year-old magician and escape artist who has been enchanted with illusions from a … Continue reading

Be Mindful of the Gap

Mind the Gap is A public education organization producing podcasts and short videos to inform everyone on the topics of science, logic, and trivia! Check out the Merchandise section for T-shirts and other goodies you can purchase to remind your friends to Mind the Gap. Enjoy this episode from Season 3

Bored of CFI Canada

Oh Dear CFI, I’m sorry, damn spellcheck, I meant ‘Board of CFI Canada’. Yes, folks there are some new faces… and at least one seems vaguely familiar. Although, I can’t quite remember where I have seen her before. I think she writes for a blog or something. Congrats to the … Continue reading

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