“Secular Humanists and Atheists Grieve with the Nation”

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Centre For Inquiry Canada’s response to the murder of Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent is available on the CFIC website:

Centre for Inquiry Canada (CFIC) is appalled by the murders of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and WO Patrice Vincent and the threat to Canadian soldiers, police officers and citizens that the murder of these soldiers implies. CFIC wishes to express its deepest grief and condolences to the families and friends of the men who lost their lives this week in these terrible acts of violence.

CFIC thanks the people who risk their lives to protect Canadians every day. House of Commons Sergeant-At-Arms, Kevin Vickers, Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent are among the soldiers, police officers, reservists and other armed forces and security personnel who have risked and far too often lost their lives to protect all Canadians from violence and harm.

CFIC also extends its thanks to the bystanders, first responders and medical professionals who attempted to save the lives of Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent.

“Events such as these shock and offend all people of Canada.  Secular Humanists and atheists join all Canadians in rejecting the violence and hatred promulgated by murders such as these,” said Kevin Smith, Chair, CFIC’s Board of Directors. “We value reason and a rational approach to understanding and addressing these crimes as our country investigates any immediate or deeper-seated causes.”

CFIC recommends that Canadians avoid speculation or jumping to conclusions when inquiring about these events.  As a national educational charity, CFIC promotes and provides education on the application of reasonable and rational approaches which include, skepticism, secularism and humanism.

“I urge Canadians to educate themselves on the advantages of a secular approach to governance and lawmaking in Canada,” said Veronica Abbass, Chair, CFI Canada’s Committee for the Advancement of Human Rights. “A secular government and a secular legal system contribute to protecting all Canadians from the vagaries of cultural or religious ideologies.”

Soldiers, doctors, nurses, police officers, first responders and government officials are all a part of the secular social system which protects all Canadians from harm and violence.  CFIC encourages Canadians to support and participate in this system and join CFI Canada in critically examining these incidents and their causes.

“I have communicated with many Centre For Inquiry Canada volunteers, members and supporters,” said Eric Adriaans, CFI Canada’s National Executive Director. “We share the grief, anger, confusion and distress that these crimes have created.  We also hold a deep commitment to the protection of human rights and safety which are provided by Canada’s secular governance and legal systems.”

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